This wiki will be used to share information and documents relating to the search process. No applicant information will be posted here.

Committee Members

  • Karen Gracy (chair)
  • Kiersten Latham
  • Lala Hajibayova
  • Marcia Zeng
  • Janna Korzenko (staff representative)
  • Melissa O'Sickey (student member)

Tentative Timeline for Search

  • Develop language for job ad
  • Finalize job ad and submit to HR
  • Post job ad in various venues (listservs, ALISE website, Chronicle of Higher Education) (job ad posted to KSU jobs database; other job postings found on advertising and distribution page)
  • Committee MUST have diversity training prior to reviewing any candidate, including the pr-screening process (to minimize bias in recruiting/reviewing/selecting candidates)
  • Committee creates criteria for screening applicants (February)

  • Committee begins review of applicants on March 1 and identifies candidates for telephone/Skype interviews
  • Telephone/Skype interviews
  • On-campus interviews: late March-early April
  • Keep track of screening interview notes, campus interview notes, rating sheets (individual committee members, committee rating sheet, make sure to get the correct Excel file from HR), reference interview notes, faculty evaluation survey results, etc. until you are asked to destroy them
  • Committee makes recommendation to Director (strengths and weaknesses for each, no ranking)--no later than the end of April
  • Committee chair must submit rating documents to HR